What if I told you that it is imperative that we moms have some free time to ourselves, and the family would survive during that time without us; would you believe me?

Being a jack of all trades mommy is hard work. YOU need time to yourself. Most people, mostly dads think us moms are super hero’s and run on love alone, but you and I both know that’s just not the case. Being a mommy is hard work, so do yourself a favor by taking time for yourself and your family will reap the benefits of having a recharged mommy.

#1 Spend 45 minutes reading at bedtime

I find that reading is extremely relaxing. Lose yourself in a book after the kids go to bed. It clears our minds of all our responsibilities, freshens our minds. Even if its just 20 minutes a night. Turn off the TV, lower the lights, snuggle up and read your heart out.

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#2 Hire a sitter

Take this time for yourself. Go shopping, go to a movie alone, call your best friend for a lunch date, go get a pedicure, go for a long drive, go surprise your spouse at work with lunch…..do anything you want as long as you’re enjoying yourself.

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#3 Drink a glass of wine

We all could use this every once in awhile. Drinking a glass with children hanging on you is not what I am talking about. Put the kids in bed, grab your glass, take a bubble bath or sit on the deck outside and play some music. You deserve it, so don’t feel guilty.

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#4 Plan a girls weekend

Call up your girls and plan a trip. It could be to the next town over for all you care. Just as long as you are taking this time for yourself. Your family will survive two days without you, trust me. The house work can wait. We all know that reconnecting with our girlfriends is so refreshing, because once you become a mommy, your friendships kinda take the back seat. We all are so busy in life with kids and housework that we forget that we do have a life outside of the house. So pack your bags little mama and take that trip!

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#5 Hire a maid for the day

OMG! Can you imagine walking into your house and seeing it sparkle with cleanness. As I am typing this I am wishing I could get one today. Does it seem like that is all you do is clean. I feel like that all the time, by the time I get one room clean and move onto the next the room I just cleaned is dirty again, thanks to my six children who apparently love seeing mommy clean all day in her sweat pants.

Maybe twice a month, hire someone to help you get it all done. Its such a great feeling seeing the house clean, even if it only last for a few minutes.

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So moms please take these tips and really do something for yourself. I know its exhausting being a mommy both physically and mentally. Don’t feel bad about it either, no body is going to look back and say, you know what I missed my mommy when she read a book at night or took a girls trip. So indulge yourself little mama and enjoy.

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