Feminine WordPress Themes You Will Love


FEMININE WORDPRESS THEMES CREATED FOR THE FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS Lets face it ladies, have you ever seen more elegant themes than these? I haven’t until now. Bluchic themes are simplistic and elegant. When I first started my blogging quest, picking a theme was the most nerve-racking. I wanted something simple, elegant and with a feminine touch. […] Read more…

How I Save Money As A Stay At Home Mom


Have you ever started a savings jar at home and eventually had to cash it in because you were strapped for cash? You try and try to save, you’ve stopped eating out, cut every unnecessary expense, and have even tried a money saving tip or two … Yet despite your efforts, all the tips you’ve found […] Read more…

Easter Shopping On A Budget


Easter shopping on a budget is easy when you know what your doing. Easter is one of my favorite holidays but spending a lot of money on it, is my list favorite thing about it. Here you will find how my family of eight can afford to have a Happy Easter, and yours can too. […] Read more…

Mommy & Baby Must Haves


Even while pregnant with my fourth child, shopping for bottles, pacifiers heck even diapers seemed like I was a beginner. I wandered the isles of Target (my favorite store) aimlessly throwing whatever I thought I would need in my cart. I knew what I wanted and what I liked from my previous pregnancies but so […] Read more…

New Items


Hey guys I’ve added some really cool things to my website. I’m not all the way done yet but I wanted to give you a sneak peak. Everyday I will be updating these sweet new deals! Tell me some things that you would like to see. And please share if you can. Thanks a bunch. […] Read more…

Eight No Cost Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her


Its here. Valentine’s Day. Most men I know struggle with this day, I don’t really know why other than they must be a little on the clueless side. That’s the reasoning behind this post. Men, it’s really simple-easy peasy! Here are 8 gift ideas that will make your woman happy for a very long time. […] Read more…

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