Easter shopping on a budget is easy when you know what your doing. Easter is one of my favorite holidays but spending a lot of money on it, is my list favorite thing about it. Here you will find how my family of eight can afford to have a Happy Easter, and yours can too.

Between new Easter Sunday outfits, shoes, baskets, eggs , candy and Easter Dinner, Easter can put a strain on your already limited budget- but it doesn’t have to be. To ensure you dont have to tap into your nest egg to fund this holiday celebration I have searched high and low to bring you some Easter savings tips.

Easter shopping on a budget
This Easter Bunny Is Broke
This Easter Bunny Is Broke

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Easter Egg Coloring
Easter egg coloring

#1. Coloring Eggs

With six little ones at home it seems coloring eggs would be the cheapest way to go. Instead of buying expensive egg coloring sets, you can make your own at home and save some cash for a prize egg. All you need is these ingredients.

Simply add a few drops of vinegar and a teaspoon of vinegar to boiling water and you have yourself a home made egg coloring set up at virtually no cost to you.

Easter eggs in an Easter basket
Easter eggs in a basket

#2. Make Your Own Easter Baskets

Easter baskets already made at the store are cheaply made but not cheaply sold, so why not make your own.Go Easter shopping at the dollar tree. Grab a bucket or pail. While you are there grab some ribbon to tie around buckets.

You can use old wrapping paper for the basket grass. Simply put the old wrapping paper into a paper shredder and there you have it, basket grass! If you dont have a paper shredder, you can cut it up into long pieces and mush it together.

Fill buckets according to age. For my older girls I put gel pens, little note books, a pocket mirror for back packs, chap sticks, etc..

For my boys I put matchbox cars, flashcards, side walk chalk, etc…

Buy Easter Candy
Buy Easter Candy

#3. Buy Easter Candy Last Minute

Easter shopping close to Easter is sure to save you a lot of money. If you buy your Easter candy weeks ahead of time you are likely paying way too much. Buying your candy as close to Easter as possible-perhaps even the night before-means you will pay much less. Stores need to get rid of their stock to make room for the next holiday. They will cut prices anywhere from 50-90% off to make sure their Easter stock goes quickly and they wont be stuck with it.

Would you rather pay five bucks for peeps or 50 cents? I know what I would choose.

Amazon Easter Outfit
Super Cute. Click Here to view

#4. Shop Smart

With everyone wanting to look their best, outfit shopping can get pretty pricey. I dont know about you but I am always on the search for a bargain. Try looking for Easter dresses or suits at second hand shops and thrift stores. If you cant find any there try Amazon, Target or Wal-Mart. You can always find these store have some really great sales. Don’t forget to use your Ibotta and Ebates app for extra savings.

Cooking Easter Dinner
Cooking Easter Dinner

#5. Cook Easter Dinner

I usually always do this instead of spending a small fortune going out to eat. With a family of 8, including myself and my fiance, the price could be get out of hand.

After church and the Easter Egg hunt we go home to cook. It always taste better than what any restaurant would make anyway. It’s a family affair and we all pitch in. So gather your ingredients and get to cooking. The only down fall to this is who wants to clean a kitchen on Easter Sunday.

Easter Sale
Easter Sale

#6. Shop After The Easter

This is by far the best tip I can give you. Shopping after Easter is a win win. I do this every year for the really expensive holidays. The day after Easter you can get things for literally pennies. I even do this for the Easter Outfits but remember to choose a size larger for the next year. Sometime’s it’s a gamble but most the time it works out just fine.

Jesus Lives
Jesus Lives

#7. The Biggest Tip Of All

Jesus! He is the reason why we celebrate Easter. Jesus Christ died for our sins, he was crucified on the cross so that you and I shall have eternal life when we believe in him and live for him. He rose out of his tomb on the third day, this is the day that we celebrate Easter. So my friend, do you know Jesus? Trusting in him and asking him to live in my heart was the best decision I ever made and I hope you will do the same. Jesus loves me and he loves you too.

Include a book about Easter & Jesus, like these.

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