Eight No Cost Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

Its here. Valentine’s Day. Most men I know struggle with this day, I don’t really know why other than they must be a little on the clueless side. That’s the reasoning behind this post. Men, it’s really simple-easy peasy! Here are 8 gift ideas that will make your woman happy for a very long time.

  • Get up with the kids in the morning, get them ready for school and take them for her. She will absolutely love this one.
  • Fix her breakfast in bed or dinner. Don’t just throw some food together, slap it on a plate and say “here!” Trust me when I say this, that won’t make her overly excited. Put some thought into it.  Use your imagination.
  • Give her a massage by candlelight. Make it a good one. Turn on some slow jams and turn down the lights. Make her feel complete relaxation.
  • Give her a pedicure. She will love the thoughtfulness. Do a good job and don’t rush through it, take your time. If you aren’t exactly sure on how to do that, just google it. She will truly love that you took the time to learn just for her.

Handwritten Cards Are The Best

  • Write her a card or love note. Store bought ones are nice but these mean oh so much more. Put some thought into it and make it meaningful. She will be over the moon if you did this. Hearing how much she means to you is sure to brighten her day and she will remember that card or love note over any other thing you could give her.
  • Take care of the kids for her, fix them dinner, get their bathes and put them to bed. It may not seem like much but to her it will. She loves little breaks from her mommy duties.
  • Clean the house and put on a load of laundry for her. She is sure to love you beyond words for this one, trust me!

Melt her heart this valentines day

  • Leave little love notes throughout the house like a scavenger hunt leading her into the bathroom where you have ran her a hot bubble bath. Put some candles around the bathtub and turn on some slow jams. She will be yours forever and ever.

If you follow some of these ideas I have so graciously given you-you will melt her heart like butter!

Happy Valentine’s Day


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