Lets face it ladies, have you ever seen more elegant themes than these? I haven’t until now. Bluchic themes are simplistic and elegant.

When I first started my blogging quest, picking a theme was the most nerve-racking. I wanted something simple, elegant and with a feminine touch. I spent so much wasted time on trying out all the free themes I could find. That only left me frustrated. All the free themes I tried out were not living up to what I wanted, I tried to customize them but seeing has I’m not a computer guru I couldn’t figure out how to make it look the way I wanted.

Feminine WordPress Themes
Bluchic Feminine WordPress Themes

After months of wasted time I was surfing the web searching for a feminine theme. That’s when I found The Feminine Bluchic Themes, they were perfect for the look I was striving for. I knew I had to have it, not only would it make my site more user friendly, it was beautiful.

I’m so happy with my Bluchic WordPress theme, I can barely contain myself! My website looks gorgeous on any device, it’s search engine optimized, and Kathie and Andrew (the geniuses behind Bluchic) are there to help you if you have any problems. It’s basically a dream come true!


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Rachel-Chic-Wordpress Themes
Pink & White
Rachel Theme

1.They are easy to use and customize. You can easily create a website on your own without needing a web developer. Bluchic themes have the best functionality. You’ll get the most out of its functionality because there’s a variety of customization options to set up your website exactly how you want it.

2.Amazing user experience. Because these themes are elegant and simple to use, you’ll be able to give your customers and visitors the best user experience on your website. Which means, more happy customers and more money to your pockets.

3. Are affordable. With the low price of $79.99, you’ll get a beautiful feminine theme, with annual updates and more. Comparing to other premium WordPress themes, they’re very well priced.

4. Real time demo. You’ll know exactly what you’re buying when you open up the demo website and explore the websites functionality.

5. Theme variety. They have a large variety of styles and layouts that you can choose from, so you don’t have to stick with only one variation of the theme. You can change things up as you want them to look.

6.No developer needed. Unless you want a completely custom look, there’s no need to hire a web developer which can cost you thousands of dollars.

7. Give you unlimited support and theme updates. Which means you wont stay behind with the old theme, you’ll be able to have the upgrades for each theme you buy.

8. Give the best customer service. Bluchic puts great pride in their product and customers by giving you outstanding online support. If you have any questions they are fast and reliable to answer them 24/7. You will never be alone, I can’t say enough good things about them.

9.They make a bold statement. Be the envy of all your blogger friends, well not really because you’ve already shared with them how to get your look.

10.They come with instructions. Bluchic has a help center where you can watch their tutorials and create exact look of their demos or if you want to make it unique to your brand.

11. Need I say more. Just look at them. Go ahead, take a peak and be sure to read the reviews. You won’t be disappointed.

But seriously, I cant say enough good things about Bluchic. Hands down, the best out there.

So go ahead, check it out for yourself. My favorite is the Maggie theme. What’s yours?

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