Today started off bad, like really bad. I was finally sleeping after a night of tossing and turning when in comes my 5 yr old son Landon at 4am saying ” MOMMY wake up, I need to throw up!” I sprang out of bed and rushed him to my bathroom. Shew we made it just in time. He has cyclic vomiting when he gets sick, which means he can not stop throwing up until he has had IV fluids. I tired to get him to lay down beside my bed with a bucket but he insisted on staying in my bathroom. So I made him a pallet on the floor and he laid down, my bed is right by my bathroom so I decided to try and rest before my 6am alarm goes off. No rest for the weary right?

Sleep was a no go. Fast forward to 6am. My alarm clock rings and I make my way to the stair case. I called out to the other 5 kids to wake up and then went to check on Landon,  he’s still actively throwing up. God bless him. My other 5 year old Kami comes in my room and said I threw up in my bed. What? Are you kidding me?? This can not be happening. I go to check it out and sure enough she had. Now to clean that up and finish getting the kids ready, I raced downstairs and woke my fiance up. I needed some help. We got the other kids ready for school and off the bus.

I called and made son an appointment at his doctors office.On the way to his appointment my cell phone rings and it was my 9 year old daughters school nurse, she said Brooklyn is in here saying she feels bad and thinks she is going to throw up. Brooklyn is also (I’M CERTAIN) a hypochondriac. So if any one is sick at home or around her she automatically thinks she has it to. I told her to go back to class and if she still felt bad after her brothers appointment I would come get her. So back to Landon, at 10:30 he is still throwing up. Thank God for Zofran ODT, within 30 minutes of taking that he finally stopped. He slept pretty much all day and I got an hour nap. Thank you Jesus! I called the school nurse back and she said Brooklyn went back to class and she thinks she is fine.

Finally, we get home and both go right to sleep until the bus pulls up at 3:50. Let the chaos begin. Usually the kids do their homework and then chores when they get home but today was such a pretty day I told them to play outside for an hour. Thirty minutes into them playing I hear screaming coming from outside, by the time I made it to the front door the little neighbor girl is running up to me crying. She said Naudia punched me in the face. Naudia is my fiances 10 year old daughter. All the kids come running up to me to give their account as to what happen and you can only imagine everyone had their own version. Girls and drama go hand in hand. I made Naudia apologize and I said I am going to watch the security cameras and see what really happened. I told the kids play time was over and to come in. I grabbed my cell phone to watch the footage and I’ll be damned if it didn’t capture the fight. Piece of crap camera.

By this time I am contemplating if I should make a run for it. Days like this get the best of me no matter how strong I think I am or have to be. Today was one of those days. Mom-0 Kids-1,000!

By this time I am completely exhausted and I have no strength to fight with them abut doing their chores right. I waived my white flag and went to my bedroom. Finally my fiance is home and I explained my day to him, he gave me a kiss on the forehead and said maybe tomorrow will be a better day. I sure hope so.

Now its 10pm, dinner and baths are done and I am calling it a night. Sweet dreams!



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