Seven hacks to get you through the stomach bug. With our recent bout of the stomach bug, I decided to share what works great for us. It’s that time of year where the schools & buses are filled to the brim with germs. And if anyone can catch a germ it’s my kids!


What to do when your little ones get the flu or a stomach bug. These simple tricks saved me a lot of time. Here are seven stomach bug hacks that help get me through it without losing my mind or a lot of sleep.

1. Put Towels Everywhere

With 6 kids and all of them having the stomach bug at once, lining their beds or anywhere they are with towels often saved me from having to change the sheets at night. Honestly who does that anyway? If puke gets on the towels instead of the sheets that chore can wait until morning time. I only use white towels , that’s just my preference. In the morning I can toss those bad boys in the wash. Also wash them on hot and add bleach to kill those pesky germs. You should probably go ahead and put a mattress protector on all beds. 

2.  Line buckets with plastic bags

I have usually two or three buckets designated strictly for this purpose. Go ahead and line them with plastic bags, I keep them from grocery shopping. I mean unless you just feel like cleaning out throw up from a bucket. This way there is no mess to clean up and you simply pull the bag out and toss it in the trash. No mess, no fuss.

3. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

Did I mention hydration? Stomach bugs are usually viral which means it just has to run it’s course, wonderful, right? It could last anywhere from one to five days tops. Although the human body can go days without food, it can NOT go without water. So I made popsicles with pedialyte to keep my kiddos hydrated and to help with sore throats from all that vomiting. You can also make them out of anything really just watch out for the sugar content.

4.  Keep it clean

Lysol hasn’t been working as good these days. So I started using clorox wipes with bleach. Bleach is the only thing keeping it at bay-really.  If you are like me and live on a budget, you can make your own.

Using rubbing alcohol and dawn dish soap together works great at cleaning up those nasty little messes . I use a cup of water, 1/4 of rubbing alcohol and 2 tbsp of dawn dish soap. ONLY use dawn. I put them into a  spray bottle and then I get some cheap hand towels or rags and cut them into four pieces. Once you are done cleaning  just throw them into the wash, with bleach of course.

5. Getting puke out of carpet

Now this is where my stomach starts to turn. If they didn’t make it to the bucket on time and it lands on carpet, you will want latex gloves for this one. Get some  paper towels and pick up any big chunks with the paper towels, then use an old gift card or something hard like that to drag across the carpet to get out any smaller chunks and liquid. From there, you can treat more effectively. Get an enzyme cleaner—it has biological compounds that digest organic matter and it is available at most stores. You’ll spray the stain, leave for five to 10 minutes, blot and let it dry. Repeat if necessary.

6. Dress them in old clothes

There is nothing like puke stained clothes. This isn’t practical but on sleep deprived nights sometimes it just helps. Chunk them in the trash if they are old enough and he or she doesn’t wear them anymore. Saves on laundry and time!

7. Bland Diet 

After they can hold down liquid try introducing a bland diet such as the BRAT diet, no pun intended. LOL. The brat diet includes Bananas, Rice, Apple Sauce and Toast. After they can tolerate this diet for at least a day, try introducing their regular food again, Just stay away from anything heavy or greasy for a few days.

Once these viruses hit your home, and trust me it will.Its likely to infect everyone if you don’t sanitize properly. If you have a big family like I do, it can be very hard to get rid of. Once it is gone, open up the windows (weather permitting) and air out the house. Wipe everything down, including door knobs and remotes. Wash all bedding. Replace toothbrushes too.

My children’s pediatrician also recommended we all start Florastor Probiotic. We’ve been on it for years and it really helps during the cold and flu season.

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